What Is The Best Poker Training Site?

Online poker has become an in-thing that many people have become active gamers. Fortunately for beginner players, there are a number of websites that offer great and valuable training and techniques. In this article, I will be enumerating some of the best poker training sites wherein both beginners and not-so beginners can obtain further information on the game of poker.

With a huge number of learners and players, a number of people consider as the best poker training site. This site deals mainly with those game players who have no cash limit. It has an enormous collection of videos on a number of excellent online cash game players QQ Online. These players include Green Plastic, who is a very aggressive poker player who clearly outlines his decisions and strategies. This site also has a video of different games participated in by Brian Townsend, also known as sbrugby, who was reportedly the biggest winner at in 2007. He said he had won an amount of over $ 1.5 million. Aside from Green Plastic and sbrugby, also has other prominent online players of instructional videos. Knowing these, is definitely the best poker training site and a very good investment for those who want to learn more.

Some players, on the other hand, consider the Poker X Factor ( as the best poker training site. This could possibly be because this site offers some of the best instructors online. Players get to interact with the likes of JohnnyBax, Sheets and, occasionally, BeLOWaBOVe. These instructors offer multi-table tournaments and other big poker games at offer tips and strategies. Aside from multi-table tournaments, players also have Sit and Go games for undergo instructions. There is a very large number of Sit and Go videos where players can acquire a great knowledge on the game.

Additionally, the Poker X Factor also has a feature called ‘hand replayer’ where the advance players can download certain games and re-stage them. In this, there is a certain player-involved mistake where the game and point out about the pros and cons of what the players’ position and explain. The hand replayer also allows the player to pause, rewind, and fast forward to any game that is understandably better and save on time.

Another good feature is the Poker X Factor where players and instructors can meet and discuss different poker-related topics.

Aside from these, there are also other sites such as,, and These sites offer some good training of poker players either through instructional videos, live games or articles by the expert players.

But for me, the best poker training site would be the Poker X Factor. Although it does not have as many big hand winners as Brian Townsend, this is one of the most easily understood instructions and features in the site. It also has a larger selection of poker videos than other sites – 70% of which are multi-table tournaments, 30% on Sit and Go’s and 10% on card games.

So there, good luck on your tutorials!

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